FQXi essay contest: Questioning the Foundations

The purpose of the Foundational Questions Institute is to encourage ‘innovative ideas integral to a deep understanding of reality’.  Their 2012 essay contest invites authors to identify Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?

In our submisison we use cordus to show that the 0-D point premise can be challenged, and is likely to have profound consequences for physics when it falls. There are many things for which cordus offers explanations, and for this essay we had to focus on some and not cover others. Basically we decided to focus our essay on the conventional assumption that particles are merely points. From there we explore the alternative options and show how cordus offers a viable solution.

You can see and discuss our submission here.

Why not join in and see what new ideas are surfacing? There are some really interesting essays there, and  something for everyone whether you like the mathematical approach to physics, the descriptive, or the philosophical.



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