Paper published: ‘Wave–particle duality’ in Physics Essays

One of our papers, ‘Wave–particle duality: A conceptual solution from the cordus conjecture’, has been published in the journal Physics Essays.

What’s it about?

The paper addresses one of the fundamental problems in physics; wave-particle duality, by applying design thinking:

‘This work comes at the issue from a totally different approach: it applies design thinking to the problem.’

Yes, that’s right! The principles of engineering design are used to come up with a  candidate solution for resolving that paradox:

Based on File:Refraction_internal_reflection_d...

Based on File:Refraction_internal_reflection_diagram.PNG on the English Wikipedia. Original description: The critical angle is when the light is refracted precisely at an angle such that t transmission is along the boundary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘The cordus concept is used to explain the path dilemmas of the single photon in the double-slit device, and the wave behaviour of light including the formation of fringes by single photons and beams of light. In addition it provides a tangible explanation for frequency. It also yields new quantitative derivations for several basic optical effects: critical angle, Snell’s law, and Brewster’s angle.’

The full paper is here:


About the journal

The journal Physics Essays is open-minded about novel ideas and not afraid of publishing content that might be contrary to the established orthodoxy:

‘Different points of view will be accepted as long as they are logically sound and well balanced in their exposition’

The journal  focusses on fundamental problems in physics, and articles are peer-reviewed:

‘Physics Essays is an international journal dedicated to theoretical and experimental aspects of fundamental problems in physics and, generally, to the advancement of basic knowledge of physics’



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