Unlike normal matter, antimatter is constructe...

Antimatter and matter usually annihilate back to plain energy (photons)

Why is there something rather than nothing? Why does the universe exist at all? What is nothingness? How did the laws of physics exist before the universe existed? What is time?

These are difficult existential questions in physics. Closely related, though a little less abstract, is the issue of why matter exists at all. While energy may be turned into matter, it always produces an exact equivalent amount of antimatter. The two should then annihilate back into energy. Yet unexpectedly the universe consists of matter, almost entirely. There is not even nearly enough antimatter to cancel out the matter.

In physics this is called the asymmetry of baryogenesis.  ‘Baryogenesis’ refers to the creation  of the heavy baryons which make up the protons and neutrons, and ‘Asymmetry’ because matter dominates over antimatter. Why this might be is an unsolved mystery of cosmology.

There are several theories for how the asymmetry arises. The main contenders are supersymmetry (that all particles have heavier twins that we have not yet seen) and right-hand neutrinos. Both these theories require exotic particles, none of which have yet been detected. So the problem is very much still open.

Into this space we inject a cordus solution. It is also based on neutrinos, but the plain everyday type that are known to exist. It does not require any exotic physics, other than the cordus idea itself.

To put it simply, we are suggesting that the apparent asymmetry of baryogenesis is because the antimatter is hiding in plain sight, having been remanufactured into the matter baryons themselves. In this model four photons are transformed into an electron and proton, i.e. a hydrogen atom, and two antineutrinos. The antimatter field structure of the antielectron is carried away by the antineutrinos as a waste stream.

This paper therefore provides an alternative conceptual solution to the baryogenesis asymmetry in the universe, and it also explains the leptogenesis asymmetry.

Full Paper:  The preponderance of matter: Asymmetrical genesis via the antineutrino route


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