Antimatter: the stuff of mystery and mayhem

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Summary: New paper released > Uses cordus concept > Provides conceptual model for annihilation > Based on conjectured internal structure (hidden variables) > Describes internal processes in detail > Covers conversion of Electron and Antielectron into Photons > Full paper on science archive

Annihilation is the process when antimatter meetes matter, and is converted to energy. In the movie ‘Angels & Demons‘, this threat of an antimatter explosion is what drives the plot. Another movie using antimatter, this time for rocket propulsion, was  Star Trek. So the idea of antimatter annihilating and releasing lots of energy has been around a while.

On the more scientific side, we have two main theories about what antimatter consists of : the Dirac and Feynman theories of antimatter. There’s a good overview here: Antimatter.

And it is true that the CERN particle accelerator is making (tiny) amounts of antimatter. See a movie from CERN on the antimatter LHCb experiment… here. The aim is to work out the fundamental constituents of matter.

We all know the Einstein maths: E=mc^2 This tells us that matter can convert into energy, and indeed this is what we see in annihilation. But how exactly does the process work? That’s not something we have good theories about. How does something solid like mass, get converted  into something as unsubstantial and apparently massless as light?  That is a big mystery.

So, what we have done is taken the cordus model for antimatter (see previous post) and develop a model for the annihilation process itself. Yes, it’s tentative, but we can now offer a theory to show exactly how the internal structures of the electron and antielectron (positron) reform to those of the photon.  The paper is on the vixra science archive … here. Have a read: you might be surprised how simple the solution turns out to be.


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